BlueroseChildrenー世界の終わりと始まりの為にー 『狂気の宴』冒頭文。


Killer question.
I choose to forsake the future, I now choose to abandon the future.
If you choose both, that's not even the other overbrim Seize the other hand, it's not like God is great.
Now, I phonomania choose?

Asked the hero.
I happily live in a walled garden, or live with the bloody reality.
I could not choose both, you are only one, who is not.

You are we to do?
And, I can do.
I choose to forsake the future, I now choose to abandon the future.
I happily live in a walled garden, or live with the bloody reality.
To choose both, and like God does not have great hands.
I can?
The one thing I called God, who have also called the devil.
But I am not a devil No God, only human.
But humans are God's creatures, and I want to be arrogant stupid or devils.
Why, I wish to God? Why, you'd prefer the devil?
Whether God is happy. That ever happen to be omnipotent in the stratosphere, but that we are not equal.
How happy are the devil. The devil is evil, and want to do bad things but not deep.
And not happy with the devil and God, I think. I have always seen the folly of man.
But if people are interested in the first place, but the devil is not God and I know it.
And, my God and the devil is not positive. It's invisible.
But I will not deny God and the devil. With all that's visible is not.

After I thought about God and the devil, I thought it would come to a conclusion.
But I do not have the time anymore.
Soon, the sand in the hourglass I fall. Fell dramatically, and the hourglass is broken.
I could sort out the consignment to the killer and a hero. It is my role to play in it.

At least, wrote in here before the party meets the killer of a hero to the end, I think to the end.
The man is not even assumed, wrote a straight night of the murder.
I draw, the story of a fear for people, believe that the world will have gone.

I was happy to spend with you. , Or perhaps you are happy spending time with me.
But I was happy with you if you want to know how I felt.
But I fear to ask it to you. The only regret is not to see you after you said that.
I learned again what a coward after all only human, too, thanks to a welcome escape from the death of a human.
If I was God or devil, if no such escape route. - So, good for humans.
You will run? Like me, you're not coward?
If you are not my "genius" I called. People from repeating the same thing.
And you are "closest to the omnipotent woman" - and said so.
Once, to be called so even now.

I was called a draw and omnipotent, the final feast.
The protagonist of the feast, because we are you.
And long after the feast, or in the refusal to choose between them, I will be waiting.

Tell goodbye here. Otherwise, I will not be able to do.
I was born I came, I was better, not born, and conclusions gone nowhere.
Consignment is no one conclusion.
The characters in this world is another feast, the feast of characters not yet been born into this world.
The apology to our last dance in my palm, it is really goodbye.

Me appear crazy. Network as the closest to the omnipotent goldfish, a break with friends and faith.








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